"The Road Racing Capital of the World" is a phrase synonymous with the Isle of Man. David will guide and advise you of his favoured locations and pass on his extensive, expert knowledge to you. An amazing opportunity., even for the non photographer.

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a motorsport photographer's dream

Choose an experience:

This is an experience quite unique !

You stay with David & Judy in their one guest bedroom, four star, Bed & Breakfast home.
A 'walk through' video of your private space is available to view here.
As an example, you and your partner/friend/spouse will travel with David to most qualifying or race day sessions during your stay.
He will either advise you or take you to his favourite, lesser known vantage points to capture the high speed action ... we take the bbq and the kettle, too !
Non qualifying or non race days, you will have to yourselves.

Race periods are naturally restricted to the motorsport calendar and premium rates will apply to major racing festival related visits.
These periods are listed separately upon our booking platform and we suggest a click on the check availability or book button below.   
Prices will include for one or two persons in one double bed, large private lounge, breakfast, private bathroom, adequate motorsport photography tuition, relevant transport and post processing instruction.

Premium rate events for 2023 include:

  • Isle of Man TT qualifying week         7 nights from Saturday, May 27th
  • Isle of Man TT race week                 8 nights from Saturday,  June 3rd
  • Southern 100 road races                 4 nights from Monday, July 10th      SOLD
  • Classic TT qualifying week              August/September             
  • Classic TT race week                      August/September

TT 2023 Schedule:

MON 29 MAY          Afternoon & Evening Qualifying
TUE 30 MAY          Evening Qualifying
WED 31 MAY         Evening Qualifying
THU 1 JUNE          Evening Qualifying
FRI 2 JUNE            Afternoon Qualifying

SAT 3 JUNE          Monster Energy Supersport Race 1  &  3Wheeling.Media Sidecar Race 1
SUN 4 JUNE         RST Superbike TT
MON 5 JUNE        Rest Day
TUE 6 JUNE         RL360 Superstock Race 1  &  Bennetts Supertwin Race 1
WED 7 JUNE        Monster Energy Supersport Race 2  &  3Wheeling.Media Sidecar Race 2
THU 8 JUNE         Rest Day
FRI 9 JUNE           RL360 Superstock Race 2  &  Bennetts Supertwin Race 2
SAT 10 JUNE        Milwaukee Senior TT
Remember, this is a rare opportunity - it is not group tuition and your visit is tailored to your specific needs.

Check out David's high speed work at manx motorsport photography


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Your host and tutor, David Silvester

Your host and tutor, David Silvester

From the time David was six years old, his mother managed a successful photography business, offering him an early insight into this amazing profession.

Throughout his career he has achieved and acquired numerous qualifications and awards which are recognised by all of the major photographic societies, worldwide.

With substantial Gold Awards to his name David is a well respected speaker and judge at many photographic seminars and conventions around the world.
In January 2019, he was awarded both "Wedding Photographer of the Year" and "Portrait Photographer of the Year" at the prestigious PTO convention in Mexico.
David is an 'invited contributor' to the world famous Getty Image® library and is probably the Island's most qualified, awarded and experienced photographer.

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Dave is a great teacher, very good on motor sport which is one of his many photographic passions. We came as students and left as friends. Patrick - Chatham
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should you have any questions, please call or email us

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